Do I Need an Email List to Podcast?

Today’s show is recorded using the Rode Rec LE software (free)

Today we talk about using  MailChimp (free) email list provider. We also experiement with the Rode REC Le software for iPhone.


A Free Media Host That Pays Your To Podcast?

There are pieces of the Podcasting For Free Model still missing. We need an RSS feed that we can control. We need stats. We need unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

We have those when we start using

We also had advertisements at the beginning of our podcast.. It’s a trade. We get hosting for free. They get an channel to monetize. You get a cut of the pie as well, but it will take you 200,000 downloads to get your $100 payout. Things are still very new with this company. Another side effect of being free is they do not protect your ID3 tags. This is only a problem if someone downloads your show to their computer (in apps like Apple’s podcasts it won’t effect anything). What happens? Your title, description, and artwork do not appear. When I mentioned this to Jason (who works/started the company) he said they are aware and that is something in the future they plan on addressing.

You don’t have any control (at this point ) who the advertisers are but we are told it will be quality advertisers.

So we have a podcast. We have artwork. We have a media host. Now all we need is a website.

For more information see my website at


$1 Artwork and $10 Intro


Today I talk about intro for your podcast. You need to know that you can’t use music you hear on the radio as you need

1. Permission from the songwriter

2. Permission from the performer

3. Permission from the person/company that own the masters rights.

Free Podsafe Music

I found a song on Music Alley. If you use music from this site you have to credit them in each episode. So I found a song and contact the band directly (they broke up, but the singer said it was cool).

Inexpensive Voice Over Work

I found a person on Fiverr who did the voice over for me. It cost $10

I then used Audacity (free software for mac and PC) to put the song and the voice together.

Be careful using fiverr. I would NOT use Fiverr for graphics or intros (I explain in the episode as people use illegal pieces in their work). Here is a comment from one of my listeners:

fiverrDave, I can’t believe what a coincidence that you mentioned them on your podcast. I am working on launching my new podcast in May – The College Money Maze and went to fiverr for a designer for the cover art. I hired designeye, gave me the info about what I wanted and paid $15. He sent me a note asking for more info from me but I did not get to it for another week. When I did get to it, he had already done it. It was not what I was looking for. He was also asking for me to rate his work and my experience. I gave him 2 stars out of 5 and asked him to revise the design (which he indicate that he would do within 24hrs). His next response to me was that he would redo the design if I remove the negative rating. I did not remove my rating and wished him good luck. DON’T USE DESIGNEYE for any graphic art work on your website!!!! He indicated that he was a college student trying to make some money to pay for school. This is not the way to do it.


My $1 Artwork

While there are different services that will make your artwork, if you want to make your own use the website I used it and it cost me $1. If you don’t use any photography in your image its free.

To see how I did this, purchase the “Podcasting For Free” course.

Is This Microphone Worth $60?

Audio Technica 2100

Download or Open in New Window

The Best Inexpensive Microphone for Podcasting

In this episode Dave continues recording using his iPhone. To see the difference he pulls out an Audio Technica 2100USB microphone. This is a great microphone for just starting out.

This is podcasting for FREE. While $60 beats $600 (which is what many people pay for a Heil PR40 Microphone), some may feel this is out of reach and they need to know if it is worth it. (Go to the $50 mark to hear him switch).

The Target Podcaster For the Podcasting For Free Course

Dave is looking for people who are NOT in the same room (or just podcasting solo). If you are in the same room you would need a mixer.

Creating a Starter Podcast – The Experiment Begins

Dave Jackson has been podcasting for 10 years, and has always told people that podcasting for free is not a good idea. After all any hobby costs money, and how many hobbies can you start that help you generate income?

Today we hear about his starter guitar. and how a podcaster’s meetup in Cleveland, Ohio gave him the courage to try this experiment.

download  or open in new tab


The Starter Guitar Inspires the Starter Podcast

My first guitar was a hunk of junk. It made sense to buy a hunk of junk because nice guitars are expensive and you’re not sure if you are going to play seriously or not. It actually hurts to start playing the guitar until you fingers get conditioned. So why not take that same attitude towards podcasting. There are many people who just want to “try it” and maybe they will upgrade later. So with this in mind, I’m going to look into creating a starter podcast that will allow you to upgrade. I don’t want to recommend systems that get you roped into, and stuck. I want you to be able to move into a more serious podcast the same way I later upgraded to a Gibson SG guitar.

Stay Tuned.

Stay tuned as Dave finds tools to see if you can create a listenable podcast with no monthly fees.

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